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Nå er jeg for å si det pent svært lei av å bli møtt av trynet til Trump på Har dere ikke noe vakrere og mer intelligent å komme med? En annen sak er at dere pynter litt på headingen på saker som deretter viser seg å være gammelt nytt. Det må være måte på å være klikk kåte. Får journalistene provisjon/bonus i forhold til antall klikk på sin sak! Suppen begynner nå å bli meget tynn!


  • TheoTheo Innlegg: 5

    Still in office he continues to clean the administration and the joint military leadership for cumbersome individuals that most likely might ask questions as to his sanity although this is not an option throughout the procedures prior the final verification to launch is issued. 

    Sovereign and sane? Let’s hope that taxpayers money never go ballistic this way and that a final option to destroy the missiles in flight is in effect as they go flying. Happy NewYear! 

  • TheoTheo Innlegg: 5

    Inaugurational traditions haven’t changed that much over the last few decades. This time it can be so different. One person’s physical well-being might be tested to the very brink. Security may well be challenged like never before. Unconventional firearms delivering a new breed of chemical agents coming from the least likely location imaginable will shock security into chaos.

    an impossible scenario? Let’s hope so because Security have been through this several times over, months ago.

  • TheoTheo Innlegg: 5

    Four More Years? "GodForbid"

    Only because «We the People» in general are used to seeing new faces in the Administration more often than not, as proof that the «Founding Fathers’» ideas still lives on, stronger than ever, of cause.

    Maybe the single most important piece(s) in the four year-puzzle: Continuity and Coherence being the stronger-most elements in our way of being great again, and again, and again, and ... no matter who We put in office, no matter the party!

    Ingenious it is, thanks to the «Fathers» still paving our way, thanks to Him we trust!

    (Without Waving the "GoodBook" in front of zillions of viewers world wide)

    Oops, where did I put my dicktionary?..

    C U guys!

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